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Celga's Jrock / Jpop blog

External Services:
☆ Welcome to the official LJ of Celga's newest service, dedicated to the wonderful worlds of JRock and JPop!

☆ Want to submit a live report, photos or both? Feel free to contact us at bustakei@yahoo.com. We read and answer our mail 7 days a week, and would be happy to hear from you!


Celga offers deputy services for buying directly from Japanese web sites and bidding services for auction sites like Yahoo Japan, Mbok and Rakuten.

● Always wanted to join your favourite artist's fan club but couldn't because you didn't live in Japan? Well, now you can join them!
● Wanted to order something from your favourite band's webshop, but couldn't because they don't ship outside Japan? Now you can^^

Celga is a company which unites the world in love for all things Japanese!
● We can purchase many kinds of items such as CD's, DVD's, concert tickets, posters, accessories, tour merchandise etc. from many different stores and auction sites including Yahoo Japan Auctions, Mbok Auctions, Rakuten and many websites.

● We can even help you join your favourite artist's fan club, order magazines, pre-order limited CD/ DVD/ Photobooks and more!

☆ And we have special offers and free gifts, just for you!
Make sure you keep an eye on our omake page. Right now we're giving out free magazines and demo tapes^^ ☆


Official Website

Celga homepage

Official myspace